Ups and Downs

Happy Labor Day everyone! As some already know I play quite a lot of poker, No-Limit Hold’em to be specific. I play online mostly with a semi-regular home game with my brothers-in-law. This weekend was pretty special for me as I won my first tournament on Full Tilt Poker. Now before anyone gets all excited it wasn’t for real-money (yet) and it was a 90-player Sit-n-Go but it was still a milestone for me that I’m proud of.

While it’s true that play money games are not realistic at all, the tournaments, especially when you get down to the last couple tables, do up the overall skill level quite a bit. Everyone is striving for a goal and by the time you get to the final table you’ve invested a couple hours so its decent practice in tournament strategy. I’ve been getting pretty deep in these tourney’s pretty consistently so it was really a good feeling to go the distance and win one.

This minor triumph gave me the boost I needed to try another live tournament at a local poker room (my first live tournament was a $100 buy-in multi-table with rebuys, so as a first tournament for me it was a disaster). I ended up at The Silks card room at our nearby horse track. After spending about 4 hours at the track waiting for the tourney to start (since the first event I wanted to enter got canceled) I lasted all of an hour, never winning a single hand. While kind of depressing its something you have to get used to in poker. You have to be able to deal with the ups and downs because after all, whatever skill you gain, whatever experience you bring to the table, all you are doing is modifying variance. You can’t control the cards that come out, sometimes you get hit with the deck and can’t lose while at other times it feels like everyone at the table can see right through you. The difference between a good player and a bad player is how you handle the two situations. When you are running good do you maximize your winnings? When you can’t get a hand to save your life are you minimizing your losses?

Thats all for now, thanks for your time.


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  1. Poker Tactics on

    the main thing in this game i thing is the positions of the player on the table .

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