September 5th event to be iPod focused, but don’t forget the iPhone

So it looks like the consensus of the web is that the September 5th Apple event will be dominated by the iPod. The reasoning is sound given that the iPod is overdue for an update, video iPods have been on clearance and Apple Stores haven’t been getting new shipments of video iPods in a while.

I think we need to consider something else though as well, which is that the iPhone is also in need of an update. Thusfar we’ve received some bug fixes (which aren’t even detailed in release notes) and no new features (with the exception of Web Gallery, but thats not even an option unless you have a .Mac account). The iPhone hacking community is having a field day adding applications left and right. If Apple wants to maintain any control over the device they need to start adding some value and quick. I haven’t hacked my iPhone, yet, but if Apple delays in updating the device for much longer I’m going to have to look elsewhere for my feature expansion.

What might these features be? You got me, see my other post about the built-in hardware features that are just waiting to be unleashed. I would be really happy if 3G were enabled and something like the Mail app was updated to include a “Mark All as Read” feature. Flash support would be pretty great as well.

Now I’m going to disclaim here that this is purely conjecture and not based on any “insider info”. I figured confirmation bias being what it is if I’m right I look amazing, if I’m wrong most people will tend to forget it altogether. Thats all for now, thanks for your time.


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