More potential for the iPhone

Medallia Blog: Fun with the iPhone accelerometer

Follow the link for a very cool hack for the iPhone, tapping into the built in accelerometer. Apparently the built in sensors are being pretty under-utilized for simply distinguishing between two different orientations. As the video shows the possibilities are really interesting.

I think “untapped potential” is a great label for the iPhone. This isn’t to say that I think the iPhone is anything less than amazing though. I’ve had pdas, smartphones, and internet tablets (n800 ftw!) and the iPhone is really the evolution of all those devices. Is the iPhone the most full-featured mobile communications device in the market? Probably not, however I do believe the iPhone has the most potential for making usable, always connected internet access in your hand more mainstream. My parents want an iPhone, my in-laws want iPhones, people who don’t own computers want iPhones. Yes, its a 1st gen product and there are strong competitors, however I don’t think any of them have the ability to bring about the kind of massive shift in mobile computing that the iPhone can bring about.

One item that I don’t think is getting enough press is the rumor that the iPhone is based on a platform that has GPS, 3G, Flash and Java built-in. Given the software-heavy nature of the iPhone it seems reasonable to believe that some if not all of these features could be “turned-on” via software updates. There again we have a BIG difference between the iPhone and its competitors. Most phones will never be connected to a computer in their lifetime. Of those that are occasionally connected for modem use or contact syncing will almost certainly not have their firmware updated. The iPhone is different, the iPhone will be almost universally connected to a computer fairly often in order to sync up with iTunes. This means that the iPhone can be updated much more frequently than any traditional phone, giving the folks in Cupertino the ability to slowly release/enable features as they are tested or as capacity becomes available.

I think that will do for my first iPhone post, thanks for your time.


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  1. […] might these features be? You got me, see my other post about the built-in hardware features that are just waiting to be unleashed. I would be really happy […]

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