What I’m playing…

Bioshock baby! Holy crap is this game amazing. I just finished it yesterday which makes it a member of the very exclusive club of games that I’ve played all the way through.

If you are at all interested in video games then you have most likely heard it all already: the graphics, the sound, the gameplay, the story. They are all top notch with Bioshock. I want to place special emphasis on that last one though, the story. The story in Bioshock is one of the best executed that I’ve come across in a game, or even a movie for that matter. The story is based on principles from Ayn Rand’s objectivist movement, which should tell you right off the bat that this game is going to be something different. I won’t go into too much of the story so as not to ruin it for those of you who will play it or are playing it.

Bioshock was released for both the PC and XBox360. I went for the PC version via Steam because I’m a PC gamer from way back and I just recently built a nice rig so I was able to play it at a full 1920×1200…sweet. I know a lot of people don’t like Steam but I’ve been a fan for a long time because I believe that digital distribution is the future of entertainment, I think its superior to retail distribution and I believe in voting with my wallet. If you want more discussion about the debate just google it and you’ll find a vast, raging forum battle.

PC or 360 the game is worth every penny and I can’t wait to play through it again. Thats all for now, thanks for your time.


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